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Year 2015 Volume 25 Issue 3 Total articles: 13
Table of contents
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Galkin O.E., Galkina S.Yu. On rational approximations of functions and eigenvalue selection in Werner algorithm 297-305
Juma A.R., Abdul-Hussein M.Sh., Hani M.F. On a subclass of univalent functions with negative coefficients defined by a linear operator 306-317
Zaitsev V.A. Uniform complete controllability and global control over asymptotic invariants of linear systems in the Hessenberg form 318-337
Zemlyanukhin A.I., Bochkarev A.V. Steady solitary wave solutions of the generalized sixth-order Boussinesq-Ostrovsky equation 338-347
Serkov D.A., Chentsov A.G. Programmed iteration method and operator convexity in an abstract retention problem 348-366
Urban O.I. On the issue of calming the solution of a linear autonomous algebraic-differential system with control delay by means of a dynamic controller 367-377
Chirkova L.S. Evasion from a group of rigidly coordinated objects in a third-order game 378-382
Shchelchkov K.A. To the problem of group pursuit on a plane 383-387
Eljamal E.A., Darus M. Certain class of harmonic multivalent functions 388-396
Basinskii K.Yu. The asymptotic solution of a nonlinear problem of wave propagation on a surface of viscous fluid 397-404
Kopysov S.P., Tonkov L.E., Chernova A.A., Sarmakeeva A.S. Modeling of the incompressible liquid flow interaction with barriers using VOF and SPH methods 405-420
Trutnev G.A. The model of hemispherical resonator gyroscope in terms of slow variables 421-429
Computer science
Kolodkin V.M., Chirkov B.V., Vashtiev V.K. A foot traffic model for the fire evacuation control in a building 430-438
Year 2015 Volume 25 Issue 3 Total articles: 13