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Year 2015 Volume 25 Issue 4 Total articles: 16
Table of contents
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Al' Dzhabri Kh.Sh., Rodionov V.I. The graph of acyclic digraphs 441-452
Gusev V.V. Search for the optimal initial distribution of players' location in a patrolling game 453-458
Zimovets A.A., Matviichuk A.R. A parallel algorithm for constructing approximate attainable sets of nonlinear control systems 459-472
Karavaev A.S., Kopysov S.P., Sarmakeeva A.S. A discrete element method for dynamic simulation of arbitrary bodies 473-482
Lisachenko I.V., Sumin V.I. On singular controls of a maximum principle for the problem of the Goursat-Darboux system optimization 483-491
Nazarov M.N. The application of theory of probability to the modelling of chemical kinetics systems 492-500
Poloskov I.E. Stochastic differential equations with random delays in the form of discrete Markov chains 501-516
Tursunov D.A., Erkebaev U.Z. Asymptotics of the Dirichlet problem solution for a bisingular perturbed equation in the ring 517-525
Chirkova L.S. Evasion from “soft capture” in a cone in a fourth order game 526-533
Chistyakov V.V. The high-precise parametrical equation for the trajectory of a point mass projectile in medium with quadratic drag under head-, tail- or side wind conditions 534-543
Vetchanin E.V., Karavaev Yu.L., Kalinkin A.A., Klekovkin A.V., Pivovarova E.N. A model of a screwless underwater robot 544-553
Vetchanin E.V., Klenov A.I. Optical measurement of a fluid velocity field around a falling plate 554-567
Klenov A.I., Vetchanin E.V., Kilin A.A. Experimental determination of the added masses by method of towing 568-582
Pivovarova E.N., Klekovkin A.V. Influence of rolling friction on the controlled motion of a robot wheel 583-592
Petrov N.N., Blinov S.P., Rodina L.I., Derr V.Ya. Lev Isaakovich Tuchinskii. To anniversary 593-595
Gryzlov A.A., Derr V.Ya., Zaitsev V.A., Karpov A.I., Men’shikov I.V., Petrov N.N., Rodina L.I. Svetlana Nikolaevna Popova. To anniversary 596-600
Year 2015 Volume 25 Issue 4 Total articles: 16