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Year 2020 Volume 30 Issue 3 Total articles: 11
Table of contents
Author Name of article Pages
Dzhalilov A.A., Karimov J.J. The thermodynamic formalism and exponents of singularity of invariant measure of circle maps with a single break 343-366
Kim I.G. Finite spectrum assignment in linear systems with several lumped and distributed delays by means of static output feedback 367-384
Maksimov V.P. On a class of linear continuous-discrete systems with discrete memory 385-395
Malyutin K.G., Kabanko M.V. The meromorphic functions of completely regular growth on the upper half-plane 396-409
Sumin M.I. On the regularization of the Lagrange principle and on the construction of the generalized minimizing sequences in convex constrained optimization problems 410-428
Ukhobotov V.I., Ushakov V.N. On one control problem with disturbance and vectograms depending linearly on given sets 429-443
Chentsov A.G. Filters and linked families of sets 444-467
Computer science
Karavaev A.S., Kopysov S.P. A modification of the hexahedral mesh generator based on voxel geometry representation 468-479
Kolodkin V.M., Chirkov B.V. Validation of the model of adaptive control of the pedestrian flow movement in a dynamic space-limited environment 480-496
Kuchuganov A.V., Kasimov D.R., Kuchuganov V.N. Modeling of reasoning when searching for objects in images 497-512
Saparov A.Yu., Beltyukov A.P., Maslov S.G. Refinement of the results of recognition of mathematical formulas using the Levenshtein distance 513-529
Year 2020 Volume 30 Issue 3 Total articles: 11