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Year 2020 Volume 30 Issue 2 Total articles: 13
Table of contents
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Al-Hussaini F.H., Abood H.M. Quaisi invariant conharmonic tensor of special classes of locally conformal almost cosymplectic manifold 147-157
Beshtokov M.Kh. Boundary value problems for a loaded modified fractional-order moisture transfer equation with the Bessel operator and difference methods for their solution 158-175
Guebbai H., Lemita S., Segni S., Merchela W. Difference derivative for an integro-differential nonlinear Volterra equation 176-188
Zhukovskii V.I., Zhukovskaya L.V., Kudryavtsev K.N., Larbani M. Strong coalitional equilibria in games under uncertainty 189-207
Zaitsev V.A., Kim I.G. Spectrum assignment and stabilization of linear differential equations with delay by static output feedback with delay 208-220
Kozlov A.A. The criterion of uniform global attainability of periodic systems 221-236
Mammadova L.I., Nabiev I.M. Spectral properties of the Sturm-Liouville operator with a spectral parameter quadratically included in the boundary condition 237-248
Petrov N.N. The problem of simple group pursuit with phase constraints in time scales 249-258
Tinyukova T.S., Chuburin Yu.P. Investigation of eigenvalues and scattering problem for the Bogoliubov – de Gennes Hamiltonian near the superconducting gap edge 259-269
Urinov A.K., Mamanazarov A.O. Unique solvability of a nonlocal problem with shift for a parabolic-hyperbolic equation 270-289
Khartovskii V.E. On a linear autonomous descriptor equation with discrete time. I. Application to the 0-controllability problem 290-311
Chentsov A.G. Ultrafilters as admissible generalized elements under asymptotic constraints 312-323
Filippov A.I., Akhmetova O.V., Kovalskii A.A. Nonlinear problem of the filtration field of a flat flow 324-339
Year 2020 Volume 30 Issue 2 Total articles: 13