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Year 2020 Volume 30 Issue 4 Total articles: 11
Table of contents
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Blizorukova M.S., Maksimov V.I. Reconstruction of the right-hand part of a distributed differential equation using a positional controlled model 533-552
Gomoyunov M.I., Serkov D.A. Non-anticipative strategies in guarantee optimization problems under functional constraints on disturbances 553-571
Durdiev D.K., Nuriddinov J.Z. On investigation of the inverse problem for a parabolic integro-differential equation with a variable coefficient of thermal conductivity 572-584
Ushakov V.N., Pershakov M.V. On estimation of Hausdorff deviation of convex polygons in $\mathbb{R}^2$ from their differences with disks 585-603
Artemova E.M., Vetchanin E.V. Control of the motion of a circular cylinder in an ideal fluid using a source 604-617
Bizyaev I.A., Mamaev I.S. Dynamics of a pair of point vortices and a foil with parametric excitation in an ideal fluid 618-627
Kilin A.A., Pivovarova E.N. Nonintegrability of the problem of a spherical top rolling on a vibrating plane 628-644
Klekovkin A.V. Simulation of the motion of a propellerless mobile robot controlled by rotation of the internal rotor 645-656
Markeev A.P. On normal coordinates in the vicinity of the Lagrangian libration points of the restricted elliptic three-body problem 657-671
Kholostova O.V. On the motions of a near-autonomous Hamiltonian system in the cases of two zero frequencies 672-695
Computer science
Nemtsova O.M., Bannikova T.M., Nemtsov V.M. A priori estimations of geometric parameters of an anomalous object in modeling the soil structure using RES3DINV software 696-710
Year 2020 Volume 30 Issue 4 Total articles: 11