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Section Mathematics
Title The thermodynamic formalism and exponents of singularity of invariant measure of circle maps with a single break
Author(-s) Dzhalilov A.A.a, Karimov J.J.ab
Affiliations Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkenta, National University of Uzbekistanb
Abstract Let $T \in C^{2+ \varepsilon} (S^{1} \setminus \{x_{b} \})$, $\varepsilon> 0 $, be a circle homeomorphism with one break point $x_{b}$, at which $ T'(x) $ has a discontinuity of the first kind and both one-sided derivatives at the point $x_{b} $ are strictly positive. Assume that the rotation number $\rho_{T}$ is irrational and its decomposition into a continued fraction beginning from a certain place coincides with the golden mean, i.e., $\rho_{T}=[m_{1}, m_{2}, \ldots, m_{l}, \, m_{l + 1}, \ldots] $, $ m_{s} = 1$, $s> l> 0$. Since the rotation number is irrational, the map $ T $ is strictly ergodic, that is, possesses a unique probability invariant measure $\mu_{T}$. A.A. Dzhalilov and K.M. Khanin proved that the probability invariant measure $ \mu_{G} $ of any circle homeomorphism $ G \in C^{2+ \varepsilon} (S^{1} \setminus \{x_{b} \})$, $\varepsilon> 0$, with one break point $ x_{b} $ and the irrational rotation number $ \rho_{G} $ is singular with respect to the Lebesgue measure $ \lambda $ on the circle, i.e., there is a measurable subset of $ A \subset S^{1} $ such that $ \mu_ {G} (A) = 1 $ and $ \lambda (A) = 0$. We will construct a thermodynamic formalism for homeomorphisms $ T_{b} \in C^{2+ \varepsilon} (S^{1} \setminus \{x_{b} \})$, $\varepsilon> 0 $, with one break at the point $ x_{b} $ and rotation number equal to the golden mean, i.e., $ \rho_{T}:= \frac {\sqrt{5} -1}{2} $. Using the constructed thermodynamic formalism, we study the exponents of singularity of the invariant measure $ \mu_{T} $ of homeomorphism $ T $.
Keywords circle homeomorphism, break point, rotation number, invariant measure, thermodynamic formalism
UDC 517.9
MSC 37A05, 28D05
DOI 10.35634/vm200301
Received 24 February 2020
Language Russian
Citation Dzhalilov A.A., Karimov J.J. The thermodynamic formalism and exponents of singularity of invariant measure of circle maps with a single break, Vestnik Udmurtskogo Universiteta. Matematika. Mekhanika. Komp'yuternye Nauki, 2020, vol. 30, issue 3, pp. 343-366.
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