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Year 2018 Volume 28 Issue 2 Total articles: 12
Table of contents
Author Name of article Pages
Bashkirtseva I.A. The impact of colored noise on the equilibria of nonlinear dynamic systems 133-142
Gainetdinova A.A. Integration of systems of ordinary differential equations with a small parameter which admit approximate Lie algebras 143-160
Zolotykh N.Yu., Kubarev V.K., Lyalin S.S. Double description method over the field of algebraic numbers 161-175
Mehdi A.R. On $\mathcal{L}$-injective modules 176-192
Petrov N.N., Narmanov A.Ya. Multiple capture of a given number of evaders in the problem of a simple pursuit 193-198
Pytkeev E.G., Chentsov A.G. The Wallman compactifier and its application for investigation of the abstract attainability problem 199-212
Rodina L.I. Properties of average time profit in stochastic models of harvesting a renewable resource 213-221
Tinyukova T.S. Majorana states in a $p$-wave superconducting nanowire 222-230
Ivlev V.I., Misyurin S.Yu., Nosova N.Yu. Servopneumatic actuator of a robot with compensation for the mutual influence of movements of the degrees of mobility 231-239
Markeev A.P., Sukhoruchkin D.A. On the dynamics of a pendulum mounted on a movable platform 240-251
Mityushov E.A., Misyura N.E., Berestova S.A. Optimal stabilization of spacecraft in an inertial coordinate system based on a strapdown inertial navigation system 252-259
Computer science
Nazarov M.N. Neural networks with dynamical coefficients and adjustable connections on the basis of integrated backpropagation 260-274
Year 2018 Volume 28 Issue 2 Total articles: 12