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Year 2018 Volume 28 Issue 3 Total articles: 11
Table of contents
Author Name of article Pages
Gryzlov A.A., Tsigvintseva K.N. On convergent sequences and properties of subspaces 277-283
Zhukovskiy E.S., Takhir Kh.M. Comparison of solutions to boundary-value problems for linear functional-differential equations 284-292
Kulikov D.A., Sekatskaya A.V. On the influence of the geometric characteristics of the region on nanorelief structure 293-304
Kyrov V.A., Mikhailichenko G.G. Embedding of an additive two-dimensional phenomenologically symmetric geometry of two sets of rank (2,2) into two-dimensional phenomenologically symmetric geometries of two sets of rank (3,2) 305-327
Tsvetkov D.O. Small motions of an ideal stratified fluid partially covered with elastic ice 328-347
Chentsov A.G., Chentsov A.A., Sesekin A.N. Dynamic programming in the generalized bottleneck problem and the start point optimization 348-363
Bolotnova R.Kh., Gainullina E.F. Features of the impact of spherical shock impulse on the boundary of gas with aqueous foam 364-372
Safonov A.I., Kholostova O.V. On periodic motions of a symmetrical satellite in an orbit with small eccentricity in the case of multiple combinational resonance of the third and fourth orders 373-394
Snigerev B.A. Study of the effect of the gas phase on the structure of turbulent flow and friction in the stream of a water-gas mixture in a vertical pipe 395-406
Computer science
Krasnov A.E., Nadezhdin E.N., Nikol'skii D.N., Repin D.S., Galyaev V.S. Detecting DDoS attacks by analyzing the dynamics and interrelation of network traffic characteristics 407-418
Romanenko A.A., Snytnikov A.V. The peculiarities of the parallel implementation of Particle-In-Cell method 419-426
Year 2018 Volume 28 Issue 3 Total articles: 11