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Year 2018 Volume 28 Issue 1 Total articles: 11
Table of contents
Author Name of article Pages
Bashkirtseva I.A., Zaitseva S.S. The phenomenon of stochastic excitability in the enzymatic reaction model 3-14
Berezin A.A. Positional strategies in mean-field control problems on a finite state space 15-21
Krivonosov L.N., Luk'yanov V.A. Conformal connection with scalar curvature 22-35
Polyanskii I.S., Radygin V.M., Misyurin S.Yu. Decomposition of a regular quaternion function 36-47
Rodina L.I. Optimization of average time profit for a probability model of the population subject to a craft 48-58
Uspenskii A.A., Lebedev P.D. Identification of the singularity of the generalized solution of the Dirichlet problem for an eikonal type equation under the conditions of minimal smoothness of a boundary set 59-73
Ukhobotov V.I., Stabulit I.S. Dynamic control problem under interference with a given set of correction momenta 74-81
Khubiev K.U. Boundary value problem with shift for loaded hyperbolic-parabolic type equation involving fractional diffusion operator 82-90
Chentsov A.G., Savenkov I.I., Shapar' Yu.V. A problem of program maximin with constraints of asymptotic nature 91-110
Shchelchkov K.A. A nonlinear pursuit problem with discrete control and incomplete information 111-118
Gibanov N.S., Sheremet M.A. The impact of position of the local volumetric heat generating source of a semi-cylindrical shape on heat exchange inside the cavity 119-130
Year 2018 Volume 28 Issue 1 Total articles: 11