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Year 2013 Issue 1 Total articles: 14
Table of contents
Author Name of article Pages
Amanov D., Murzambetova M.B. A boundary value problem for a fourth order partial differential equation with the lowest term 3-10
Gryzlov A.A., Golovastov R.A. The Stone spaces of Boolean algebras 11-16
Islamov G.G. Some problems of the theory of linear equations 17-28
Morozova L.E. The scattering problem for a discrete Schrödinger operator with the “resonant” potential on the graph 29-34
Rodina L.I., Hammady A.H. The characteristics of attainability set connected with invariancy of control systems on the finite time interval 35-48
Khlopin D.V. On necessary boundary conditions for strongly optimal control in infinite horizon control problems 49-58
Chentsov A.G. To question of routing of works complexes 59-82
Chernov A.V. On controllability of nonlinear distributed systems on a set of discretized controls 83-98
Gozha M.L., Marsakov V.A. Young open star clusters: spatial distribution of metallicity in the vicinity of the Sun 99-108
Kondratyev B.P. On the tidal force from the body circulating on an elliptic orbit 109-113
Pisarev A.V., Khrapov S.S., Agafonnikova E.O., Khoperskov A.V. Numerical model of shallow water dynamics in the channel of the Volga: estimation of roughness 114-130
Yudakov A.A., Boikov V.G. Numerical methods of multibody mechanical system’s dynamic equations integration, based on methods of direct integration of finite element method’s dynamic equations 131-144
Computer science
Kozlova S.Zh. Methodological aspects of construction of open computer experiment simulation system profile 145-152
Saparov A.Yu., Beltyukov A.P. Mathematical modeling of formula images for their recognition 153-167
Year 2013 Issue 1 Total articles: 14