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Year 2021 Volume 31 Issue 1 Total articles: 11
Table of contents
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Il’inskii A.S., Polyanskii I.S., Stepanov D.E. On the convergence of the barycentric method in solving internal Dirichlet and Neumann problems in $\mathbb{R}^2$ for the Helmholtz equation 3-18
Kerefov M.A., Gekkieva S.K. Numerical-analytical method for solving boundary value problem for the generalized moisture transport equation 19-34
Kostromina O.S. On two-frequency quasi-periodic perturbations of systems close to two-dimensional Hamiltonian ones with a double limit cycle 35-49
Kytmanov A.M., Myslivets S.G. On functions with the boundary Morera property in domains with piecewise-smooth boundary 50-58
Stash A.Kh. The absence of residual property for strong exponents of oscillation of linear systems 59-69
Chentsov A.G., Sesekin A.N. Relaxation of the attainability problem for a linear control system of neutral type 70-88
Voytik V.V., Migranov N.G. Small nutation of a symmetic gyroscope: two viewpoints 89-101
Gorr G.V. An approach in studying gyrostat motion with variable gyrostatic moment 102-115
Computer science
Ali N.M., Gadallah A.M., Hefny H.A., Novikov B.A. Online web navigation assistant 116-131
Veretennikov A.B. Relevance ranking for proximity full-text search based on additional indexes with multi-component keys 132-148
Obukhov A.D., Krasnyansky M.N. Neural network method of data processing and transmission in adaptive information systems 149-164
Year 2021 Volume 31 Issue 1 Total articles: 11