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Year 2018 Volume 28 Issue 4 Total articles: 12
Table of contents
Author Name of article Pages
Kandoba I.N., Koz’min I.V., Novikov D.A. Numerical investigation of a nonlinear time-optimal problem 429-444
Kozlov A.A., Burak A.D. Control over some asymptotic invariants of two-dimensional linear control systems with an observer 445-461
Smetanina M.S. Asymptotics of the Schrödinger operator levels for a crystal film with a nonlocal potential 462-473
Tanana V.P., Ershova A.A. On the solution of an inverse boundary value problem for composite materials 474-488
Ushakov V.N., Ershov A.A., Parshikov G.V. On reducing the motion of a controlled system to a Lebesgue set of a Lipschitz function 489-512
Chentsov A.G., Grigoryev A.M. Optimizing multi-inserts in routing problems with constraints 513-530
Chernov A.V. Majorant sign of the first order for totally global solvability of a controlled functional operator equation 531-548
Krasil’nikov P.S., Podvigina O.M. On evolution of the planet's obliquity in a non-resonant planetary system 549-564
Kuznetsov S.P. Chaos and hyperchaos of geodesic flows on curved manifolds corresponding to mechanically coupled rotators: Examples and numerical study 565-581
Computer science
Kuchuganov M.V., Kuchuganov A.V. Description logic on image graphs 582-594
Saparov A.Yu. Recovering the recording sequence in scanned handwritten texts 595-610
Mityushov E.A., Misyura N.E., Berestova S.A. To the 175th anniversary of the discovery of quaternions 611-617
Year 2018 Volume 28 Issue 4 Total articles: 12