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Year 2017 Volume 27 Issue 4 Total articles: 12
Table of contents
Author Name of article Pages
Banshchikova I.N., Popova S.N. On the property of integral separation of discrete-time systems 481-498
Kazarnikov A.V., Revina S.V. Bifurcations in a Rayleigh reaction-diffusion system 499-514
Lukashchuk S.Yu. Approximation of ordinary fractional differential equations by differential equations with a small parameter 515-531
Sokolov S.V. The Adler-van Moerbeke integrable case. Visualization of bifurcations of Liouville tori 532-539
Chentsov A.G., Chentsov A.A., Grigoryev A.M. On one routing problem modeling movement in radiation fields 540-557
Chernov A.V. On the application of Gaussian functions for discretization of optimal control problems 558-575
Bizyaev I.A. Invariant measure in the problem of a disk rolling on a plane 576-582
Bizyaev I.A. A Chaplygin sleigh with a moving point mass 583-589
Vishenkova E.A., Kholostova O.V. A study of permanent rotations of a heavy dynamically symmetric rigid body with a vibrating suspension point 590-607
Zhalnin R.V., Peskova E.E., Stadnichenko O.A., Tishkin V.F. Modeling the flow of a multicomponent reactive gas using high accuracy algorithms 608-617
Koromyslov E.V., Usanin M.V., Siner A.A. Computation of aircraft engine fan noise generation with high-order numerical methods on Graphic Processing Units 618-633
Beltyukov A.P., Gryzlov A.A., Derr V.Ya., Dyugurov D.V., Karpov A.I., Klochkov M.A., Merzlyakova G.V., Petrov N.N., Pishkov V.N., Popova S.N., Rodionov V.I. In memory of Galimzyan Gazizovich Islamov (02.02.1948-22.11.2017) 634-642
Year 2017 Volume 27 Issue 4 Total articles: 12