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Section Mechanics
Title Computation of aircraft engine fan noise generation with high-order numerical methods on Graphic Processing Units
Author(-s) Koromyslov E.V.a, Usanin M.V.b, Siner A.A.a
Affiliations Perm State National Research Universitya, Aviadvigatel Stock Companyb
Abstract The present paper considers the computation of noise generation by aircraft engine fan for different operating parameters with an in-house solver for Graphic Processing Units (GPUs), called GHOST CFD (GPU High Order Structured). The solver is based on DRP (Dispersion Relation Preserving) schemes which have a high order of approximation and a high resolution. An Optimized LDDRK (Low Dispersion and Dissipation Runge-Kutta) scheme was utilized for time integration. Large Eddy Simulation based on Relaxation Filtering (LES-RF) was used for the turbulence modeling. The solver implements overset (“CHIMERA”) meshes which were used as rotor-stator interface treatment. The speedup gained from GPUs utilization was about 12-20 times compared to modern 8-core CPU, allowing computations to be performed in a reasonable time period. The computations with GHOST CFD were performed in full annulus formulation with fan and outlet guide vane (OGV) blades. The results were compared with the experimental data as well as the results of similar computations in the commercial ANSYS CFX solver some of which also included inlet guide vane (IGV) blades.
Keywords aeroacoustics, turbofan, tonal noise, broadband noise, fan, DRP, LDDRK, GPU
UDC 533.6
MSC 76H05, 76F65
DOI 10.20537/vm170411
Received 24 November 2017
Language Russian
Citation Koromyslov E.V., Usanin M.V., Siner A.A. Computation of aircraft engine fan noise generation with high-order numerical methods on Graphic Processing Units, Vestnik Udmurtskogo Universiteta. Matematika. Mekhanika. Komp'yuternye Nauki, 2017, vol. 27, issue 4, pp. 618-633.
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