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Year 2014 Issue 3 Total articles: 12
Table of contents
Author Name of article Pages
Bannikov A.S., Petrov N.N. Linear non-stationary differential pursuit games with several evaders 3-12
Zaitsev V.A. Consistency of discrete-time linear stationary control systems with an incomplete feedback of the special form for $n=5$ 13-27
Koshcheeva A.K. Axiomatics of P.S. Novikov complete extensions of the superintuitionistic logic $L2$ in the language containing an additional constant 28-39
Metel'skii A.V., Khartovskii V.E., Urban O.I. Calming the solution of systems of neutral type with many delays using feedback 40-51
Petrov N.N., Shchelchkov K.A. On the interrelation of two linear stationary evasion problems with many evaders 52-58
Pimenov V.G., Sviridov S.V. Grid methods of solving advection equations with delay 59-74
Safarov Zh.Sh. Evaluation of the stability of some inverse problems solutions for integro-differential equations 75-82
Solov'eva N.A. Group pursuit in recurrent Pontryagin example 83-89
Chentsov A.G. To the validity of constraints in the class of generalized elements 90-109
Kolegov K.S. Comparing of a quasisteady and a nonsteady mathematical models of fluid flow in evaporating drop with regard to viscosity 110-122
Korolev S.A., Karskanov S.A. Mathematical simulation of supersonic airflow around the rotary body 123-133
Computer science
Milich V.N., Smetanin V.A. Using the beta distribution for the analysis of informative value of features and for improving the efficiency of decision rule for texture images recognition 134-141
Year 2014 Issue 3 Total articles: 12