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Year 2014 Issue 4 Total articles: 12
Table of contents
Author Name of article Pages
Blagodatskikh A.I. Weak evasion of a group of rigidly coordinated evaders in the nonlinear problem of group pursuit 3-17
Gryzlov A.A., Golovastov R.A. On the density and Suslin number of subsets of one Stone space 18-24
Danilov L.I. Recurrent and almost recurrent multivalued maps and their selections. III 25-52
Zaitsev V.A., Popova S.N., Tonkov E.L. On the property of uniform complete controllability of a discrete-time linear control system 53-63
Karavaev A.S., Kopysov S.P., Kuz'min I.M. Conservative interpolation method between non-matching surface meshes 64-75
Morozova L.E., Chuburin Yu.P. Quasi-levels of the Hamiltonian for a carbon nanotube 76-83
Nazarov M.N. A new approach to the reaction-diffusion systems modelling 84-94
Pak V.V. An asymptotic study of multi-ring pattern formation in axisymmetric two-layer creeping flow with variable layer thicknesses, and some geophysical applications 95-108
Rodina L.I. About invariant sets of control systems with random coefficients 109-121
Chentsov A.G. The Bellmann insertions in the route problem with constraints and complicated cost functions 122-141
Gryzlov A.A., Karpov A.I., Latypova N.V., Petrov N.N., Rodina L.I., Fedorov D.L. Vasilii Yakovlevich Derr. A tribute in honor of his seventy-fifth birthday 142-145
Gaishun I.V., Gryzlov A.A., Derr V.Ya., Izobov N.A., Karpov A.I., Makarov E.K., Merzlyakova G.V., Petrov N.N., Popova S.N., Rodina L.I., Rozov N.Kh., Sergeev I.N., Tolstonogov A.A., Ushakov V.N., Chentsov A.G. In memory of Evgenii Leonidovich Tonkov (27.06.1940-28.09.2014) 146-154
Year 2014 Issue 4 Total articles: 12