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Year 2014 Issue 2 Total articles: 11
Table of contents
Author Name of article Pages
Danilov L.I. On the spectrum of a two-dimensional generalized periodic Schrödinger operator. II 3-28
Ismagilov N.S. On deterministic approach to solution of stochastic optimal control problem with controlled diffusion 29-42
Kolpakova E.A. Generalized solution for system of quasi-linear equations 43-55
Petunin A.A., Chentsov A.G., Chentsov P.A. Local dynamic programming incuts in routing problems with restrictions 56-75
Ryashko L.B., Slepukhina E.S. Stochastic generation of high amplitude oscillations in two-dimensional Hindmarsh-Rose model 76-85
Sokolov S.V. Falling motion of a circular cylinder interacting dynamically with a vortex pair in a perfect fluid 86-99
Hammady A.H. The characteristics of invariance of attainability set of control systems with random coefficients 100-110
Martyushev S.G., Miroshnichenko I.V., Sheremet M.A. Numerical analysis of conjugate natural convection and thermal surface radiation in a cube filled with diathermanous medium 111-120
Ossipkov L.P. Irregular and regular forces in stellar systems 121-145
Potapov I.I., Snigur K.S. The evolution of a cross-channel trench under the influence of the transit hydrodynamic flow 146-152
Chistyakov V.V. On some particular cases of the rotational dynamics of a rigid body around central but non-principal axis of inertia under action of dry friction in supports 153-163
Year 2014 Issue 2 Total articles: 11