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Year 2014 Issue 1 Total articles: 12
Table of contents
Author Name of article Pages
Derr V.Ya., Kim I.G. The spaces of regulated functions and differential equations with generalized functions in coefficients 3-18
Zaitsev V.A., Maksimova N.V. To the property of consistency for four-dimensional discrete-time linear stationary control systems with incomplete feedback of the special form 19-31
Lazarev N.P. The equilibrium problem for a Timoshenko plate containing a crack along a thin rigid inclusion 32-45
Makarov E.K. Axiomatic representation for smallness classes of coefficient perturbations to linear differential systems 46-57
Morozova L.E., Chuburin Yu.P. “Layerwise” scattering for a difference Schrödinger operator 58-65
Pak V.V. Modeling the velocity field of two-layered creeping flow and some geophysical applications 66-75
Salii Ya.V. On the effect of precedence constraints on computational complexity of dynamic programming method for routing problems 76-86
Chentsov A.G. Some ultrafilter properties connected with extension constructions 87-101
Chernov A.V. On applicability of control parametrization technique to solving distributed optimization problems 102-117
Sharipov A.S. On the group of isometries of foliated manifold 118-122
Computer science
Lebedev V.G., Sysoeva A.A., Knyazheva I.S., Danilov D.A., Galenko P.K. Computer simulation of the rapid solidification for diluted melt Si-As 123-140
Rodionova N.V. Exact solution of optimization task generated by simplest wave equation 141-152
Year 2014 Issue 1 Total articles: 12