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Year 2016 Volume 26 Issue 4 Total articles: 12
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Bashkirtseva I.A., Nasyrova V.M., Ryashko L.B., Tsvetkov I.N. Noise-induced intermittency and transition to chaos in the neuron Rulkov model 453-462
Zaitsev V.A., Kim I.G. Finite spectrum assignment problem in linear systems with state delay by static output feedback 463-473
Kuterin F.A., Sumin M.I. The regularized iterative Pontryagin maximum principle in optimal control. I. Optimization of a lumped system 474-489
Larina Ya.Yu., Rodina L.I. Asymptotically stable sets of control systems with impulse actions 490-502
Megraliev Ya.T., Alizade F.Kh. Inverse boundary value problem for a Boussinesq type equation of fourth order with nonlocal time integral conditions of the second kind 503-514
Nazarov M.N. The basic mathematical model for the description of regulatory processes of protein biosynthesis 515-524
Serkov D.A. An approach to analysis of the set of truth: unlocking of predicate 525-534
Tinyukova T.S. The quasi-levels of the Dirac two-dimensional difference operator in a strip 535-542
Ushakov V.N., Ershov A.A. On the solution of control problems with fixed terminal time 543-564
Chentsov A.G. The Bellmann insertions in route problems with constraints and complicated cost functions. II 565-578
Yumanova I.F. One specification of Steffensen's method for solving nonlinear operator equations 579-590
Computer science
Kizin P.P. Stability of gap soliton complexes in the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with periodic potential and repulsive nonlinearity 591-602
Year 2016 Volume 26 Issue 4 Total articles: 12