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Year 2017 Volume 27 Issue 1 Total articles: 13
Table of contents
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Vysokos M.I., Zhukovskii V.I., Kirichenko M.M., Samsonov S.P. A new approach to multicriteria problems under uncertainty 3-16
Galkin O.E., Galkina S.Yu. Global extrema of the Gray Takagi function of Kobayashi and binary digital sums 17-25
Kuterin F.A., Sumin M.I. The regularized iterative Pontryagin maximum principle in optimal control. II. Optimization of a distributed system 26-41
Kyrov V.A. Embedding of phenomenologically symmetric geometries of two sets of rank $(N,M)$ into phenomenologically symmetric geometries of two sets of rank $(N+1,M)$ 42-53
Petrov N.N. One problem of group pursuit with fractional derivatives and phase constraints 54-59
Radygin V.M., Polyanskii I.S. Methods of conformal mappings of polyhedra in $\mathbb{R}^3$ 60-68
Ukhobotov V.I., Izmest'ev I.V. Synthesis of controls in a single-type game problem of pulse meeting at fixed time with a terminal set in the form of a ring 69-85
Ushakov V.N., Lebedev P.D. Iterative methods for minimization of the Hausdorff distance between movable polygons 86-97
Vishenkova E.A., Kholostova O.V. On the influence of vertical vibrations on the stability of permanent rotations of a rigid body about axes lying in the main plane of inertia 98-120
Luchikhina E.A., Tonkov L.E. Detached eddy simulations of the side-loads in an overexpanded nozzle flow 121-128
Computer science
Grigoryev A.M. Solution of the problem of optimal task distribution by the method of dynamic programming with parallel computing 129-137
Mityushov E.A., Misyura N.E., Berestova S.A. Smooth movement of a rigid body in orientational space along the shortest path through the uniform lattice of the points on $SO(3)$ 138-145
Derr V.Ya., Fedorov D.L., Gryzlov A.A., Korobeinikova N.I., Latypova N.V., Men’shikov I.V., Petrov N.N., Popova S.N., Zaitsev V.A. Lyudmila Ivanovna Rodina. To anniversary 146-150
Year 2017 Volume 27 Issue 1 Total articles: 13