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Year 2013 Issue 4 Total articles: 16
Table of contents
Author Name of article Pages
Al' Dzhabri Kh.Sh., Rodionov V.I. The graph of partial orders 3-12
Banshchikova I.N., Popova S.N. On the property of the closedness of the set of almost periodic functions 13-19
Blagodatskikh A.I. Capture of a group of evaders in a conflict-controlled process 20-26
Vasil'eva E.V. Stable periodic points for smooth diffeomorphisms of multidimensional space 27-35
Danilov L.I. The uniform approximation of recurrent functions and almost recurrent functions 36-54
Zhukovskii V.I., Soldatova N.G. On the problem of diversification of contribution on the three deposits 55-61
Karavaev A.S., Kopysov S.P. A refinement of unstructured quadrilateral and mixed meshes 62-78
Latypova N.V. Error of interpolation by sixth-degree polynomials on a triangle 79-87
Lebedev P.D., Uspenskii A.A., Ushakov V.N. Algorithms of the best approximations of the flat sets by the union of circles 88-99
Lukyanov V.V. Necessary and sufficient conditions of the subcriticality for linear control systems 100-108
Rodina L.I. On some probability models of dynamics of population growth 109-124
Sakharov D.V. Problem of group pursuit in a Pontriagin's example 125-131
Tonkov E.L. Turnpike processes of control systems on smooth manifolds 132-145
Khartovskii V.E., Pavlovskaya A.T. To the problem of modal control for linear systems of neutral type 146-155
Chentsov A.G. To question about representation of Stone compactums 156-174
Borisov A.V., Gryzlov A.A., Derr V.Ya., Karpov A.I., Latypova N.V., Rodina L.I., Tonkov E.L., Ushakov V.N. Petrov Nikolai Nikandrovich (on his sixties birthday) 175-180
Year 2013 Issue 4 Total articles: 16