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Section Mathematics
Title Problem of group pursuit in a Pontriagin's example
Author(-s) Sakharov D.V.a
Affiliations Udmurt State Universitya
Abstract A pursuit problem of one evader by a group of pursuers in stationary L.S. Pontriagin's example with equal possibilities for all participants is considered. It is supposed that the roots of the characteristic equation are simple and purely imaginary, the terminal sets are the convex compacts and the set of possible controls is arbitrary convex compact. The sufficient solvability conditions of the problem of pursuit are obtained, illustrative examples are presented.
Keywords differential game, group pursuit, Pontriagin's example
UDC 517.977
MSC 49N70, 49N75
DOI 10.20537/vm130412
Received 19 October 2013
Language Russian
Citation Sakharov D.V. Problem of group pursuit in a Pontriagin's example, Vestnik Udmurtskogo Universiteta. Matematika. Mekhanika. Komp'yuternye Nauki, 2013, issue 4, pp. 125-131.
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