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Year 2012 Issue 3 Total articles: 14
Table of contents
Author Name of article Pages
Baltaeva U.I. On some boundary value problems for a third order loaded integro-differential equation with real parameters 3-12
Blagodatskikh A.I. Simultaneous multiple capture of evaders in a simple group pursuit problem 13-18
Golovastov R.A. About Stone space of one Boolean algebra 19-24
Danilov L.I. On the spectrum of a periodic Schrödinger operator with potential in the Morrey space 25-47
Kotlyachkova E.V. Simple pursuit with phase constraints in a class of impulse strategies 48-52
Latypova N.V. Independence of interpolation error estimates by fifth-degree polynomials on angles in a triangle 53-64
Nazarov M.N. On the construction of correct mathematical model of chemical kinetics 65-73
Tinyukova T.S. Scattering in the case of the discrete Schrödinger operator for intersected quantum wires 74-84
Chentsov A.G. The transformation of ultrafilters and their application in constructions of attraction sets 85-102
Ivanov A.P., Shuvalov N.D., Ivanova T.B. On detachment conditions of a top on an absolutely rough support 103-113
Martyushev S.G., Sheremet M.A. Numerical analysis of conjugate convective-radiative heat transfer in an enclosure filled with diathermanous medium 114-125
Yudakov A.A. Principles of flexible body general dynamic equations derivation based on the Craig-Bampton model and of their practically significant approximations 126-140
Computer science
Rodionov V.I., Rodionova N.V. Exact solution of optimization task generated by simplest heat conduction equation 141-156
Petrov N.N., Tonkov E.L., Ushakov V.N., Chentsov A.G. In memory of Nikolai Nikolaevich Krasovskii (07.09.1924–04.04.2012) 157-158
Year 2012 Issue 3 Total articles: 14