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Year 2012 Issue 2 Total articles: 14
Table of contents
Author Name of article Pages
Bashkirtseva I.A., Ryazanova T.V., Ryashko L.B. Noise-induced transitions and deformations of stochastic attractors for one-dimensional systems 3-16
Zaitsev V.A. Global asymptotic stabilization of bilinear control systems with periodic coefficients 17-27
Panasenko E.A. Dynamical system of translations in the space of multi-valued functions with closed images 28-33
Rodina L.I. Statistical characteristics of attainability set and periodic processes of control systems 34-43
Rodionov V.I. Analogue of the Cauchy matrix for system of quasi-integral equations with constant coefficients 44-62
Saparov A.Yu., Beltyukov A.P. Regular expressions in the mathematical text recognition problem 63-73
Serkov D.A. Optimal guarantee under the disturbances of Caratheodory type 74-83
Chernov A.V. On Volterra type generalization of monotonization method for nonlinear functional operator equations 84-99
Shevchenko G.V. Computational solution of time-optimal control problem for linear systems with delay 100-105
Bolkisev A.A. On the application of random searching for the hard particles packing problem for composite solid propellant structure modeling 106-113
Vishenkova E.A., Kholostova O.V. To dynamics of a double pendulum with a horizontally vibrating point of suspension 114-129
Galimzianov M.N., Lepikhin S.A., Chiglintsev I.A. Propagation of small perturbations in bubble liquid with hydrate-generating gas 130-138
Ivanov V.N., Dombrovskii I.V., Nabokov F.V., Shevelev N.A., Shimanovskii V.A. Classification of the models of rigid multibody systems applied for the numerical analysis of mechanical structures' dynamic behavior 139-155
Kopysov S.P., Kuz'min I.M., Tonkov L.E. Modeling of interaction of a supersonic stream and the deformable panel in a shock tube 156-165
Year 2012 Issue 2 Total articles: 14