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Year 2019 Volume 29 Issue 3 Total articles: 12
Table of contents
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Banshchikova I.N., Makarov E.K., Popova S.N. On the conditions of proportional local assignability of the Lyapunov spectrum of a linear discrete-time system 301-311
Gryzlov A.A., Golovastov R.A. On tightness and pseudocharacter of compact $T_1$-spaces 312-318
Zaitsev V.A., Kim I.G., Khartovskii V.E. Finite spectrum assignment problem for bilinear systems with several delays 319-331
Kozhobekov K.G., Tursunov D.A. Asymptotics of the solution to the boundary-value problem when the limit equation has an irregular singular point 332-340
Pandey P.K. The numerical solution of a nonlocal boundary value problem for an ordinary second-order differential equation by the finite difference method 341-350
Tinyukova T.S., Chuburin Yu.P. Existence of Majorana bounded states in a simple Josephson transition model 351-362
Chentsov A.G., Chentsov A.A. On the question of the optimization of permutations in the problem with dynamic constraints 363-381
Lipanov A.M., Karskanov S.A., Chernyshev S.L., Lipatov I.I. Theoretical investigation of conditions for the appearance of high-speed bufting 382-395
Mikishanina E.A. Investigation of the filtration coefficient of elastic-porous medium at plane deformation 396-407
Mityushov E.A., Misyura N.E., Berestova S.A. Quaternion model of programmed control over motion of a Chaplygin ball 408-421
Computer science
Belykh E.A., Golchevskiy Yu.V. An approach to designing a substitution language for generating electronic documents containing complex tables 422-437
Obukhov A.D., Krasnyansky M.N. Neural network architecture of information systems 438-455
Year 2019 Volume 29 Issue 3 Total articles: 12