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Germany; Russia Jena; Yekaterinburg
Section Mathematics
Title Influence of convective flow on the growth of pure and alloyed dendrite
Author(-s) Kazak O.V.a, Galenko P.K.b, Alexandrov D.V.a
Affiliations Ural Federal Universitya, University of Jenab
Abstract The paper presents the model of anisotropic growth of dendritic crystallization of chemically pure and binary liquid (solution or melt) based on forced convection of the liquid phase. The dependencies of the growth rate and the radius of the top of a dendrite from under-cooling fluid in cases of a chemically pure material and alloys are presented. A comparative analysis of the influence of forced convection on the dendrite growth kinetics is carried out. Evaluation of growth rate and morphology of dendrite by high-speed crystal growth model was done. The contribution of convective flow and the anisotropic properties of the liquid-crystal boundary were taking into account. The model is also used hyperbolic diffusion equation to describe the non-equilibrium impurity capture by crystal surface, which occurs under the rapid crystals growth.
Keywords crystallization, dendrite growth, numerical simulation, convection
UDC 51-72
MSC 76D07, 76M45
DOI 10.20537/vm160301
Received 15 May 2016
Language Russian
Citation Kazak O.V., Galenko P.K., Alexandrov D.V. Influence of convective flow on the growth of pure and alloyed dendrite, Vestnik Udmurtskogo Universiteta. Matematika. Mekhanika. Komp'yuternye Nauki, 2016, vol. 26, issue 3, pp. 299-311.
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