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Name: Nizhni Novgorod State University
Text: Nizhni Novgorod State University; N.I. Lobachevski State University of Nizhni Novgorod (National Research University)
Address: pr. Gagarina, 23
City: Nizhni Novgorod
Postcode: 603950
Country: Russia
Number of authors: 13
Number of publications: 18
2012-01-01 Zhidkov A.A., Kalinin A.V., Tyukhtina A.A. $L_p$-estimations of vector fields in the unbounded areas and some electromagnetic theory problems in the inhomogeneous areas
2012-02-08 Chernov A.V. On Volterra type generalization of monotonization method for nonlinear functional operator equations
2013-01-08 Chernov A.V. On controllability of nonlinear distributed systems on a set of discretized controls
2014-01-09 Chernov A.V. On applicability of control parametrization technique to solving distributed optimization problems
2015-02-07 Chernov A.V. On the totally global solvability of a controlled Hammerstein type equation with a varied linear operator
2015-03-01 Galkin O.E., Galkina S.Yu. On rational approximations of functions and eigenvalue selection in Werner algorithm
2015-04-05 Lisachenko I.V., Sumin V.I. On singular controls of a maximum principle for the problem of the Goursat-Darboux system optimization
2016-04-03 Kuterin F.A., Sumin M.I. The regularized iterative Pontryagin maximum principle in optimal control. I. Optimization of a lumped system
2017-01-02 Galkin O.E., Galkina S.Yu. Global extrema of the Gray Takagi function of Kobayashi and binary digital sums
2017-01-03 Kuterin F.A., Sumin M.I. The regularized iterative Pontryagin maximum principle in optimal control. II. Optimization of a distributed system
2017-02-02 Gorshkov A.A., Sumin M.I. Regularization of the Pontryagin maximum principle in the problem of optimal boundary control for a parabolic equation with state constraints in Lebesgue spaces
2017-02-10 Chernov A.V. On using Gaussian functions with varied parameters for approximation of functions of one variable on a finite segment
2017-04-06 Chernov A.V. On the application of Gaussian functions for discretization of optimal control problems
2018-02-03 Zolotykh N.Yu., Kubarev V.K., Lyalin S.S. Double description method over the field of algebraic numbers
2018-04-07 Chernov A.V. Majorant sign of the first order for totally global solvability of a controlled functional operator equation
2019-02-07 Kostromina O.S. On limit cycles, resonance and homoclinic structures in asymmetric pendulum-type equation
2020-01-07 Chernov A.V. On totally global solvability of controlled second kind operator equation
2020-03-05 Sumin M.I. On the regularization of the Lagrange principle and on the construction of the generalized minimizing sequences in convex constrained optimization problems