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Name: Nizhni Novgorod State University
Text: Nizhni Novgorod State University; N.I. Lobachevski State University of Nizhni Novgorod (National Research University)
Address: pr. Gagarina, 23
City: Nizhni Novgorod
Postcode: 603950
Country: Russia
Number of authors: 13
Chernov Andrei Vladimirovich
Galkin Oleg Evgen'evich
Galkina Svetlana Yur'evna
Gorshkov Andrei Aleksandrovich
Kalinin Aleksei Vyacheslavovich
Kostromina Ol'ga Sergeevna
Kuterin Fedor Alekseevich
Lisachenko Irina Vladimirovna
Sumin Mikhail Iosifovich
Sumin Vladimir Iosifovich
Tyukhtina Alla Aleksandrovna
Zhidkov Artem Aleksandrovich
Zolotykh Nikolai Yur'evich
Number of publications: 18
2012-01-01 Zhidkov A.A., Kalinin A.V., Tyukhtina A.A. $L_p$-estimations of vector fields in the unbounded areas and some electromagnetic theory problems in the inhomogeneous areas
2012-02-08 Chernov A.V. On Volterra type generalization of monotonization method for nonlinear functional operator equations
2013-01-08 Chernov A.V. On controllability of nonlinear distributed systems on a set of discretized controls
2014-01-09 Chernov A.V. On applicability of control parametrization technique to solving distributed optimization problems
2015-02-07 Chernov A.V. On the totally global solvability of a controlled Hammerstein type equation with a varied linear operator
2015-03-01 Galkin O.E., Galkina S.Yu. On rational approximations of functions and eigenvalue selection in Werner algorithm
2015-04-05 Lisachenko I.V., Sumin V.I. On singular controls of a maximum principle for the problem of the Goursat-Darboux system optimization
2016-04-03 Kuterin F.A., Sumin M.I. The regularized iterative Pontryagin maximum principle in optimal control. I. Optimization of a lumped system
2017-01-02 Galkin O.E., Galkina S.Yu. Global extrema of the Gray Takagi function of Kobayashi and binary digital sums
2017-01-03 Kuterin F.A., Sumin M.I. The regularized iterative Pontryagin maximum principle in optimal control. II. Optimization of a distributed system
2017-02-02 Gorshkov A.A., Sumin M.I. Regularization of the Pontryagin maximum principle in the problem of optimal boundary control for a parabolic equation with state constraints in Lebesgue spaces
2017-02-10 Chernov A.V. On using Gaussian functions with varied parameters for approximation of functions of one variable on a finite segment
2017-04-06 Chernov A.V. On the application of Gaussian functions for discretization of optimal control problems
2018-02-03 Zolotykh N.Yu., Kubarev V.K., Lyalin S.S. Double description method over the field of algebraic numbers
2018-04-07 Chernov A.V. Majorant sign of the first order for totally global solvability of a controlled functional operator equation
2019-02-07 Kostromina O.S. On limit cycles, resonance and homoclinic structures in asymmetric pendulum-type equation
2020-01-07 Chernov A.V. On totally global solvability of controlled second kind operator equation
2020-03-05 Sumin M.I. On the regularization of the Lagrange principle and on the construction of the generalized minimizing sequences in convex constrained optimization problems